The Pentawards 2011 Winners Picked

Posted on October 3, 2011 @ 07:01 am

Winners of the Worldwide Packaging Design Competition 2011’s Pentawards 2011 were recently revealed at the Marriott Times Square NYC. The winners of the Cosmetic and Perfumes categories of the Pentawards 2011 included the Platinum Pentaward 2011 for Bang (Marc Jacobs) designed by Harry Allen for the best of the Luxury.

Pentawards is a worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms. It is open to all countries that are associated with the creation and marketing of packaging. The winners will receive platinum, gold, silver, bronze, or diamond Pentawards according to the creative quality of their work.

The winners included:

• 21 Drops; Purpose-Built (USA) Gold Pentaward 2011/Body/Beauty

• Davidoff (Objets de Convoitises/Alnoor Design, France) Gold Pentaward 2011/Luxury Perfumes

• Cosme Decorte Aqmw (Kose Corporation, Japan) Gold Pentaward 2011/Luxury Cosmetics

• Chicco Artsana (Cmgrp Italia SpA/FutureBrand, Italy) Silver Pentaward 2011/Body/Body Care

• tn [teen's nature] (Yuhan-Kimberly, Korea) Silver Pentaward 2011 Body/Beauty

• Majolica Majorca (Shiseido Co.,Ltd, Japan) Silver Pentaward 2011 Body/Beauty

• In-Kind (Pearlfisher, USA) Silver Pentaward 2011 Body/ Distributors/Retailers Own Brands

• VS Attractions (Victoria's Secret Beauty, USA) Silver Pentaward 2011 Body/Distributors/ Retailers Own Brands

• Jean-Paul Gaultier (Patrick Veillet ,France) Silver Pentaward 2011

• Van Cleef & Arpels (Brandimage - Desgrippes & Laga, France) Silver Pentaward 2011/Luxury Perfumes

• Pola Whitissimo (Pola Chemical Industries, Inc., Japan) Silver Pentaward 2011/Luxury Cosmetics

• Esprique Point Makeup (Kose Corporation, Japan) Silver Pentaward 2011/Luxury/Cosmetics

• Haku (Shiseido Co.,Ltd. Japan) Silver Pentaward 2011/ Luxury/Cosmetics

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