“Blushing” Bottle on Display

Posted on August 10, 2011 @ 07:06 am

Americhem, Inc., a global provider of custom color and additive solutions for polymeric products, has been selected to have two of its products displayed at New York-based global materials consultancy Material ConneXion.

The display showcases the company’s photochromatic technology in its “blushing bottle.” The bottle is designed to change colors or “blush” when exposed to ultraviolet light. For the display, a Boston round bottle changes colors in direct sunlight via a thin, outer layer made of thermoplastic elastomer that incorporates a UV-sensitive pigment. Americhem’s technology enables customers to customize the colors each bottle transitions to when in contact with UV exposure.

“Our photochromatic technology has a variety of product applications that further help our customers differentiate their products from the competition,” said Rod Manfull, general manager for plastics at Americhem. “The fact that our technology is worthy of inclusion is valuable. We’re pleased to be recognized for our efforts toward creating truly differentiated products.”