Patent Approved for MWV's Fragrance Dispensing System

Posted on May 20, 2010 @ 10:43 am

MeadWestvaco Corp. (MWV) Beauty & Personal Care showcased sample fragrance dispensers featuring the NoC technology on-site at Luxe Pack New York. The timing of the show was ideal, as MWV confirmed that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved its patent application for the fragrance dispensing system which uses MWV's NoC dip tube (patent number 7,718,132). The company says the NoC is the world's first dip tube that appears virtually invisible, thanks to the inventive use of light-refracting technology.

"MWV's research has proven that consumers identify a fragrance's packaging as the main reason for trying a scent, so brands looking to further their market share must take advantage of striking, visual packaging innovations–such as NoC(R)–to better stand out in today's competitive fragrance marketplace," said Sandy Gregory, MWV fragrance marketing director. "The patent application approval in the United States is a critical victory for MWV because it validates our efforts to produce significant innovations for our fragrance and cosmetics customers."

The patented fragrance dispensing system using MWV's NoC dip tube offers brands freedom to design a premium fragrance package which allows the decoration and design features of the perfume bottles to take center stage in the consumer's eye. The pairing of MWV's NoC dip tube and Melodie pump allows the fragrance to stand out. In addition to the clear aesthetic value that this fragrance dispensing system brings to luxury brands, the technology also helps to identify and prevent counterfeit fragrances in the marketplace.