NPD Pinpoints Makeup Trends

Posted on November 24, 2009 @ 08:32 am

When it comes to choosing prestige makeup, consumers like to switch up their eyeshadow, plump up their lips and achieve a bronzy glow. These are a few of the findings of a new report released from NPD, based on the time period January through September 2009, versus January through September 2008.

NPD found that while only 7% of eyeshadows are in a five+ palette, this type of palette grew +23% in sales, while overall eye shadow sales declined by -12%. Still, only 3% of all prestige makeup products come in a palette form.

Nearly one third of foundations are sold in a compact form and about a third of these are a crème/crème-to-powder formula. In addition, consumers are looking for double-duty skin protection: 36% of all foundations contain SPF and they grew by +11%. Instead of sun exposure, women are looking to simulate the glow. While one third of all blushes are bronzers—and although they declined by -1%— the products performed better than overall blush, which declined by -5%.

Colorful plumpers continue to plump up sales. About 12% of all makeup lip products are plumpers, says NPD. Lip color makes up 42% of plumpers, which grew 23%, while overall plumpers decreased by -5%.

Prestige makeup attributes consist of foundation form, powder form, makeup palettes, eye shadow presentation, multi-purpose products, foundation SPF and bronzers.