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Freeze 24-7 Skin Blizzard Offers Intensive Hydration

March 3, 2017

If your skin is dry and peeling due to wintry weather, this might be the only blizzard you’ll welcome. Freeze 24-7 Skin Blizzard Intensive Hydrating Facial Serum ($95) is described as an “extremely hydrating yet supple grape seed oil infused serum, that will have skin looking plump and dewy in an instant, reducing the look of fine lines, leaving skin looking and feeling youthful.” It is said to be effective on all skin types, from dry and aged to dehydrated and sensitive.

The brand says the design of Freeze 24-7’s Skin Blizzard pump dispenses the perfect amount of serum while keeping the enclosed product sealed airtight, and that the pump dispenser ensures the formula’s efficiency is in no way compromised by exposure.

More info: www.freeze247.com