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Arcade’s Easysnap Sampler Offers Two Complementary Serum Formulas

March 3, 2017

Pierre Fabre has chosen Arcade Beauty’s Easysnap for its latest launch under the Galénic brand. With its new Sculpteur de Perfection Lifting Duo Serum, Galénic offers two serum formulas meant to be applied at the same time—one with an intense lifting effect, the other gentle and enriched.

To enable the consumer to test the product in realistic conditions, Arcade Beauty developed an Easysnap sample with two compartments that allows for the combination of the two doses of formula just before application. As such, this sample has two central perforations that are activated simultaneously when folded.

Galénic appreciated Easysnap’s one-handed gesture and the resolution of the two formulas, which are then mixed in the palm of the hand before application. Beyond being an easy-to-use solution, Galénic says Easysnap also offers premium aesthetics and a multi-layer composition that fully protects both serums until they are used.

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