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June 27, 2012

CIBS Host Innovation Session

The CIBS Innovation Committee hosted a session at HBA Global Expo on how new brands can continue to innovate after they have been on the market for several years. Ryan Lynch of Beardwood&Co. noted that brands must know their customer and never lose sight of their needs and wants. “Spend time with your customer. The design must be instinctive, involving, and identifying,” said Lynch. “Customers must instinctively reach for the brand, be involved enough to come back for a repeat purchase and identify with the product enough to tell and share the brand’s story.” Lynch noted that Kiehl’s has remained in sync with its customers and uses consultative services and samples to keep them coming back. He also pointed out that the Help Remedies line of medicine speaks effectively to the customer, while the packaging in simple and interactive. For example, the Help I Cut Myself product has a campaign to raise awareness for a bone marrow registry. The design and marketing campaigns should also be multi-platform while being authentic. “Be real, be human,” he said.