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June 29, 2011

Keeping Ahead of the Latest Packaging Trends

When picking packaging, one of the most important factors is staying on top of the trends that appeal to the consumer and make sure your product is the one that catches their eye on the shelf. An educational session on Tuesday provided an overview of the newest trends in cosmetics package design, a focus on color, and detailed stories of various trend areas with huge implications in the industry.

Linda Caroll, color insight manager at Ampacet, discussed the evolved use of colors in today’s packaging.

“The dissonance trend in colors is a result of consumers placing emphasis on non-conformity in product packaging,” Caroll stated. “There is a strong demand for asymmetry and tension between colors. As a result, disruptive to the eye colors are in demand this coming year as bright, translucent visual colors are following current pop culture trends. Color blocking is increasingly utilized with common pairings such as cobalt with Kelly green as well as mint green with maroon,” she added.

The Futurism Movement, as described by Sarah Williams, creative director at Beachwood & Co., is this year’s leading marketing trend in the packaging industry. With iconic pop culture icons such as Lady Gaga pioneering this movement, packaging has evolved into avant-garde shapes and metallic finishes that embrace technology and innovation. She said sleek-touch packaging with soft finishes complements the heavy metal and gem like shapes of this ultramodern trend.