A Pill for Everything

Hirst Pacific's Kenneth Hirst discusses the endless possibilities of beauty packaged in a pill.

By Kenneth Hirst

Recently I saw Jane Fonda being interviewed on Late Night with David Letterman who responded to Letterman’s inquiry to solving the insecurity problem Marilyn Monroe had as a young actress, by saying, “There is always a pill.” There is always a pill to solve every problem are poignant words for the 21st century from Jane who is still the advocate Queen of health, fitness and beauty, 30 years after producing her first exercise tape.

Since 1934, when Carl Rehnborg developed the first multivitamin tablet in California, scientists have explored creating pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals to solve our health problems or enhance our quality of life and, in some cases, to produce miracle elixirs that play off our vanity, ultimately to be packaged in the convenient form of a pill. Our understanding of how our body works is central to the development of new pharmaceuticals. However and unfortunately at this time the extent of knowledge on the subject is very limited — in fact it is miniscule.

What we do know is there is an estimated 10,000 trillion cells that make up the human body, each with their own pre-programmed function and are busy at work keeping us healthy and battling to keep us beautiful, regardless of the challenges we throw at them. The abuse they tirelessly deal with, and without complaint, ranges from baking our bodies in the sun to feeding them unhealthy food or toxic substances.

On a happier note, and surprisingly, the mechanics of the human machine is in a constant state of renewal, at least for most of our cells. Many of our cells are programmed to die so that they make space for new reenergized cells. Science has determined that most of our cells are regenerated every month or so making us much younger than we think regardless of how old we get. An important group of cells, however that doesn’t regenerate are the brain cells of which we lose about 12,000 per day. So remember, no pun intended, if you have to make important decisions today maybe now is the best time before your memory and supply of intelligence-cells diminishes further.

New Possibilities, New Products
This leads me to look toward the future which can only be a very exciting time knowing there is so much to be discovered. Cracking all the codes that make up the meaning of life and then deciphering them into new products, neatly packaged in the form of a pill and dispensing them for our daily consumption could keep future generations living a lot longer and looking a lot younger until it’s time for them to go and make room for the next generation of reenergized super senior citizens.

Where and when the next breakthroughs will come from and how they will shape our lives is completely random. However the extraordinary discoverers in physics, chemistry and biology that have been made over the past 300 years or so and the sound-breaking pace of development in new technologies over the past 30 years prove that these revolutionary breakthroughs will become realities soon and that they will affect our lives in profound ways we cannot even imagine.

The Next Frontier
Today there are pills for many things. Pills that improve our sex life, pills that enhance our memory, pills that have restorative qualities for our skin and pills that prevent heart disease and the list goes on. As science understands more about how cells work and how to tap into the individuals DNA, new health and beauty pills will enhance the quality of our lives. Already researchers are projecting the creation of a pill that will protect us from the sun’s deadly ultra violet rays and a pill that will even reverse the graying of our hair. And eventually there will be a pill for everything and perhaps one that is specifically tailored to match our individual genetic code to solve deficiencies, regenerate damaged parts and changes the color of our eyes.

About the Author: Kenneth Hirst, of Hirst Pacific Ltd., is an award-winning product, packaging and retail interiors designer with a proven reputation for design excellence and innovation. With over 20 years of global experience in all aspects of marketing, manufacturing, and design, Hirst’s versatility and expertise have encompassed a wide range of disciplines - from luxury goods, consumer products, consumer packaging, and health and beauty products among others. For more information: www.hirstpacific.com.