Tapping the Benefits of a 360° Organization

Norman Kay explains the advantages of employing one comprehensive end–to–end organization for your packaging design path and the production process.

By Norman Kay, CEO, IBC Shell Packaging

Packaging management requires a design acumen that will transpose its mind’s eye into physical reality. It seeks brand affinity, aesthetic character, distinction, cost, and on-time/on-launch performance.

Cosmetic packaging design, development and production processes needn’t be mired by the decision to individually outsource each discipline of the packaging plan. To this point we should be clear on the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. With an eye toward maximum beauty and functional design, the leanest cost, and the smoothest route for producing the package, management often selects a separate company for each step of the process. This practice may result in excessive, unnecessary external layering.

It’s metaphorically true that the architect normally gives way to the general contractor, but some design firms bring the entire end-to-end experience in-house, preserving the intent of the original design concept while offering the client a uniquely seamless production process.

The road from ideation to a completed cycle of production includes the following disciplines: Package concepting, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, quality assurance, logistics, and project management, i.e. communication, control, and coordination of the entire cosmetic packaging cycle.

Effectiveness can be achieved by choosing one world class design house that also lives and breathes within the production arena, possessing the engineering staff, the factory relationships, the global QC and logistics partners, and the internal team that manages every facet of the program from the design premise to budget and time lines. Furthermore, this team performs the task of communicating the detail, the progress, and all issues to the client in a concise organized effective manner.

Single Source Organization
The Comprehensive Single Source Organization is commissioned to provide a range of aesthetic, functional design options, a completed design that is engineered with safety, cost, and speed-to-market considerations, and one that retains the vitality of beautiful design. The result is an effective process that flows seamlessly with minimal time investment and stress on the client’s internal resources.

The Optimized Path looks like this: Interpretation of the Assignment brief > Knowledge of the target market, the category, and the tier > Ingesting the brand strategy and the go-to-market plan > Plying the style and design premise > Execution of the final design statement > Maintaining the constraints of budget, lead-times and launch > Finalizing all specifications and artwork > Evaluating production options > Implementing quality assurance > Game planning for contingencies > Executing production > Coordinating assembly and fulfillment > Initiating logistics.

The 360° Organization infuses this overall process with a concise, consistent communication protocol. The 360° Organization exists and it flourishes in the beauty and fashion marketplace. This market expects a top-to-bottom viewpoint with an interdisciplinary expertise featuring brilliant design and unfailing execution.

About the Author: Norman Kay is chief executive officer of IBC Shell Packaging. www.ibcshell.com