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You Can't Always Accentuate the Positive

Scott Garrison tells how a brand or a product must communicate the idea of overcoming a negative to generate interest and appeal.   continue reading »

From Big-Box to Small-Box - To Micro-Box

In Asia, Teresa Liu says a retail format that's gaining traction takes 'smaller' to a new extreme.   continue reading »

Decide a Design Direction - Here's What to Consider

A good design tells a story, but Studio Morris' Jeffrey Morris explains why there are so many more considerations for designers and clients, which are unique to every brand.   continue reading »

What 3 Lessons Can Beauty Brands Learn from Birchbox?

Hunter Thurman looks at principles drawn from his new book, and offers beauty brands advice on adopting simple, business-growing principles to act start-up nimble.   continue reading »

10 Marketing Must-Knows for Every Small Business Owner

Dan Antonelli offers advice for growing a small business into a larger one.   continue reading »

Forever Young: The Booming Anti-Aging Market

Sean Brownyard takes a look at marketing for aging baby boomers.   continue reading »

Beauty Makes Our Moment

Pearlfisher's Sophie Maxwell looks at marrying product with experience for a new level of customer connection.   continue reading »

Five Ways Packaging Can Make Your Brand More Lovable

Davide Nicosia says to start with desire - and go from there.   continue reading »

Synching Packaging with Brand Value

Is packaging continuity best for building brand recognition and loyalty?   continue reading »

5 Design Don'ts

Jeffrey Morris, of Studio Morris, explains 5 design mistakes that every design consultant and brand marketer should avoid.   continue reading »

Driving OEE and Uptime for Personal Care Manufacturers

How to make sure every second of production time counts, in an effort to minimize loss.   continue reading »

Enhancing the Shopping Experience

Katie Neil says retailers are taking an innovative approach to connect technology with the in-store experience.   continue reading »

Expert's View: Innovations in Asian Shopper Technology

Bryan Hara rates a number of innovative efforts that use mobile technology to drive sales in Asia.   continue reading »

The Other Face of Beauty?

Pearlfisher's Sophie Maxwell says there are many opportunities for the unmentioned and unaddressed side of beauty.   continue reading »

Expert's View: Conveying A Visual Message More Effectively

The Brand Initiative's Cynthia Beesemyer discusses the benefits of branding, mistakes to avoid, and its connection to packaging.   continue reading »

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