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Oliveda Debuts on the NASDAQ

May 17, 2017

Oliveda is a leading natural cosmetic company in Germany.

Oliveda International Inc., a leading natural cosmetic company in Germany, has announced its debut on the NY International Stock Exchange (NASDAQ). Oliveda combines natural cosmetics, health and wellness with science innovation.

The company was founded by Thomas Lommel (shown above), CEO of Oliveda and Olive Tree People. Lommel says he cured himself of all his ailments with the help of substances from the olive tree. He developed his first product and his "Olive Tree Therapy" in 2001, then founded Oliveda in 2003.

"Olive Tree Therapy" is called a type of "Mediterranean Ayurveda" by some fans. The effectiveness of this "body and soul anti-aging therapy" has been confirmed by physicians and laboratories all over Europe, the company states.

All Oliveda products are based on the healing properties of the extracts of the olive leaf. Unlike conventional cosmetics that consist of seventy percent of water, OLIVEDA's effective main ingredient is the highly potent "cell elixir" or "juice extract" from the olive leaf, which empowers olive trees to thrive for up to 4000 years.

Over 65 holistic concoctions for both internal and external use are part of the cult label's broad product range.

Photo: (above Left): Thomas Lommel, Oliveda International Inc. (PRNewsfoto/Oliveda International Inc.)