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Experts Expect the RFID Market To Grow

March 28, 2017

Suppliers offer insights, as advances in technologies are fueling growth.

RFID has become a force in the retail space and is about to pick up speed in all markets if experts' predictions are on the mark.

RFID is well-positioned for growth due to technological advances, according to a recent article by Dave Savastano in the Spring 2017 issue of Printed Electronics Now magazine, which focuses on Smart Packaging.

The article includes several interviews with key suppliers revealing insights and trends about the recent growth of the RFID industry, such as:

  • "A decade ago, UHF RFID for apparel retail item-level inventory visibility was just getting started. Now apparel is the largest application, representing approximately 70%+ of the market by volume.” Jeremy Schenof, senior director of global RFID solutions, Avery Dennison

  • "Item level tagging is driving this growth in retail, and that will continue." Michael Fein, senior product manager, RFID, Zebra Technologies.

  • "We are going to see hundreds of billions of units throughout most of retail, being used on most high and medium valued products. The question is how much will the cost come down in the next 10 years." Neil Mitchell, senior director marketing, Alien Technology

  • “Today, we see that most retailers are either in a pilot or deployment mode for RFID. Today, the value of item inventory accuracy is understood by retailers as a key driver to support a multichannel sale strategy and on shelf availability. They are all looking at it in some form or fashion, and we see the adoption side of the bell curve evolving.” Carl Rysdon, VP of sales, Checkpoint Systems

Many beauty brands are already taking advantage of smart packaging solutions and technologies - perhaps we will see more in the near future. See the article in Printed Electronics Now, The RFID Market is On the Rise.

Photo: Checkpoint Systems’ RFID tags on cosmetics, on display at the NRF show / photo by Dave Savastano, Printed Electronics Now magazine, Spring 2017 issue.

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