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Jack Black Launches A Shaving Subscription Service

March 17, 2017

The brand is also launching a new luxury razor, offered as an option with its new service.

Jack Black is launching a new razor and shaving subscription service - and a new luxury razor as an option.

Curran Dandurand, co-founder, Jack Black, says the new program was created in response to a growing chorus of customers who disliked going elsewhere for their shaving hardware.

Dandurand says, "Our Jack Black customer wants a reasonably priced prestige razor that offers a clean, quality shave. They want something they can depend on and they have trusted our brand with that need. By adding the razor, we've become a one-stop shop for our customer's shaving needs."

The razor comes in a black-on-black design and features a weighted handle with non-slip grip, pivoting head, and five-blade cartridges with American-made stainless steel. It will be available as a stand-alone purchase or as part of a personalized shave system. Replacement cartridges for the razor will also be part of Jack Black's auto-replenishment program.

Two distinct shave systems — Classic Shave and Bump-Free Shave — will be offered in aggressively priced bundles serving as introductions to Jack Black's award-winning shave products.

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