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Kat Von D Creates the 'Artistry Collective'

March 16, 2017

It's the brand's first makeup artist team.

Kat Von D Beauty has created the Artistry Collective -- the brand's first official global makeup artist team. The team will be featured on Kat Von D's new YouTube channel.

The Artistry Collective's first four members are top beauty pros hand-picked by Kat Von D. They are: Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick, Tara Buenrostro, Steffanie Strazzere, and Leah Carmichael (shown above).

Kat Von D comments, "I discovered these gifted artists through their remarkable work on their personal Instagram accounts, and while each one of these ladies is brilliant in her own right, we are unstoppable together as the Artistry Collective."

Von D continues, "I can honestly say that I am a fan of each of these artists - Leah excels with complexion and has the ability to make anyone look flawless, Tara has a raw style that stems from her art background, Steffanie's gothic aesthetic is romantic and beautiful, and Kelsey blows me away with her power to manipulate makeup to look like a painting, especially at such a young age.

She adds, "These ladies are true artists with big hearts and are so essential in spreading Kat Von D Beauty all over the world on a much more profound level. I hope that the unique content we create with the Artistry Collective will also be an inspiration to others."

The Kat Von D Beauty Artistry Collective will be a full-time, permanent global artistry team and will be leveraged across every platform to share their skill set with clients and media alike. As part of the Artistry Collective, each artist will be Kat Von D's right-hand partners with press features, product development, photo shoots and editorial, teaching global master and 101 classes, launching new programs for the brand, creating exclusive content on the brand's social media channels, and more.

Kelly Coller, Head of Global Marketing, Kat Von D Beauty, says, "Our ultimate goal is to reinvent artistry for the 21st century with the debut of the Kat Von D Beauty Artistry Collective team."

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