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Alba Botanica Launches New "Do Good. Do Beautiful" Campaign

March 15, 2017

The campaign highlights the stories of five amazing brand users

Alba Botanica has launched a new campaign, "Do Good. Do Beautiful." It highlights the stories of five amazing brand users.

The campaign features intimate documentary-style videos that journey through a day in the life of five amazing brand users and celebrate how they are making a difference. The five women highlighted identify and align with the core values of the Alba Botanica® brand, including protecting animal rights, women's empowerment, environmental conservation and vegetarianism, and demonstrate their commitment through community service, activism and social cause.

Sarah Galusha, Senior Director of Marketing for Alba Botanica says, "We all make everyday choices that align with our values, so it's inspiring to see women who are dedicating their lives to causes that are important to them...We're thrilled to be partnering with such an accomplished group of women and hope it inspires other women to Do Good and Do Beautiful in their own ways."

The Women

The women featured in the campaign are:

Andrea Pippins, author of I Love My Hair and Becoming Me, books that encourage girls and woman everywhere to embrace their natural features.

Marguerite Nesteruk, an urban gardener and farm-to-table teacher.

Ocean Ramsey, a marine biologist, shark conservationist and free diver. She founded an organization called "One Ocean," which advocates for marine and shark conservation.

Hilarey Benda, the founder and president of "Beople's Buddies Animal Rescue," a non-profit with the mission to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned dogs and cats. 

Lauren Galley, a 21-year-old teen mentor, TEDx speaker, author Galley was recognized as the 2016 Changemaker by The White House for the State of Women Summit, and is the only 2017 UN Youth Delegate from the U.S. She is president of Girls Above Society, a non-profit dedicated to empowering teen girls.

The Videos

Alba Botanica hired the creative and digital media analytics agency Molio to produce made-for-digital creative that allows for hyper-targeting and media optimization to maximize the impact of the media budget.

Staying true to the spirit of the campaign, Molio and the brand wanted to team up with empowering and inspiring women behind the cameras as well. To make these stories come to life, they worked with world renowned director, Donna Lamar, Director of Photography Marianne Williams, and a full female film crew.

Watch the campaign launch in March 2017 here on YouTube.