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Selfie Tan'n Go Announces New Sales Strategy

March 14, 2017

Performance Brands says it is choosing independent pharmacies over distribution at big box retailers.

Performance Brands, which markets self-tanning products including the Selfie Tan'N Go line, is announcing a new sales and distribution strategy. The company says it is choosing to partner with independent pharmacies over distribution at big box retailers.

The Selfie Tan'n Go product line includes the self-tanning mouse, shown above, in an airless foaming pump.

As part of its new strategy, Performance Brands is partnering with the #1 Amazon featured pharmacy, Pharmapacks, as well as Cardinal Health, which serves over 3,000 independent pharmacies nationwide.

Stacy Kaufman, founder / CEO, Selfie Tan'n Go, says, "Selling our product through this leading online retailer along with independent pharmacies provides better prices and service for customers than 'big-box' stores. With Cardinal Health as our independent pharmacy distributor and Pharmapacks online, we have the most effective combination to get this product line to market."

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