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DoTerra Helps Rebuild Haiti

March 14, 2017

The brand repaired 588 roofs, three water well systems, and an elementary school in three months

DoTerra International and the DoTerra Healing Hands Foundation has completed several rebuild projects throughout Haiti. The destruction was from Hurricane Matthew, a devastating category 4 storm that struck the country in October 2016. 

In just three months, the doTerra Healing Hands Foundation rebuilt three damaged water wells in Les Cayes, Haiti. The water wells provide potable water, eliminating the need for locals to walk more than an hour each way to get clean water.

The organization also provided 588 families affected by the storm with roofing supplies including metal, wood, and nails to rebuild damaged roofs.

Additionally, doTERRA and its Wellness Advocates donated $263,000 to the rebuild efforts of several buildings, including an elementary school for 152 students in Les Cayes, and two new well and water systems.

"It has been extremely gratifying to assist these communities in rebuilding including homes, schools, and valuable water wells," said Corey Lindley, doTERRA president and CFO. "We are blessed to be able to give aid to people who have become our partners and friends."