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Colgate Promotes New 'Shake' Formula To Latinas

March 13, 2017

Colgate's Advanced Health Mouthwash requires shaking.

Colgate Total, now in its second year of its Simplemente Saludable (Simply Healthy) program, is launching its new Advanced Health Mouthwash, which requires shaking before using to mix the formula's ingredients. 

The brand describes the formula as "two-layer technology," and combines freshening power with germ killing ingredients -- building on the multi-use trend seen in many health and beauty products.

To activate the formula, shake the bottle, gargle the mouthwash, and rinse. Colgate says the mouthwash "will remove 24 times more bacteria for a healthier mouth."

The Campaign: It's All About the Shake

To support the launch of Colgate Total Advanced Health Mouthwash, the Simplemente Saludable program will emphasize to Latinas how "It's All About That Shake," highlighting simple ways to shake up your health and wellness routine for better overall health.

The brand is partnering with TV host Karla Martinez, nutritionist and entrepreneur Chef Lala, yoga instructor and entrepreneur Yudy Arias, and dentist Karent Sierra, to educate and empower Latinas to invest in healthy lifestyles, beginning with proper oral health.

Carla Kelly, General Manager Multi-Cultural Marketing at Colgate-Palmolive, says, "We're incredibly excited to introduce the new Colgate Total Advanced Health Mouthwash alongside the relaunch of our Simplemente Saludable initiative. By leveraging our panel of successful Latina influencers, we will be able to shake up the health and wellness routines of Latinas nationwide in an effort to engage, educate and reinvigorate their commitment to proper oral health as well as physical and mental wellness."

Follow Colgate's bilingual Twitter account, @SonrisaColgate.

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