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Fleur De Sante Tells Consumers To Look for Airless Packaging

February 16, 2017

The brand explains why airless bottles are necessary certain ingredients.

Fleur de Santé, an innovative skin care brand, is telling consumers to look for skin care products in airless packaging.

The brand formulates its products with rare extracts of ultra-delicate medicinal flowers and top-performing stem cell cultures, which require the protection that airless packages provide -- and wants consumers to understand.

Mathias Tonnesson, CEO of Laboratoire Fleur de Santé, says, "Think about it! If you spend substantial time, effort and money on breakthrough research, you wouldn't want to waste the results by placing your formula in a jar to be exposed to the damaging effects of air, light and moisture, would you? We think our breakthrough formulas deserve more. We want you to enjoy their benefits for as long as possible, and to do so we needed to make sure every cream and serum remains as clean as possible while you use it."

He continues to state that once hermetically sealed, Fleur de Santé's formulas aren't exposed to the oxygen in air, which would put oxidative stress on the product when combined with light. This combination generates free radicals, he says, which is the very thing skin care aims to combat. 

Tonnesson continues, "It's simply impossible to keep your skin care product clean if it's in a jar – every time you open it, you let oxygen in. As a result, your product is worthless...We're devoted to keeping skin care fresh, clean and airless!"

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