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Clarisonic Launches a New Anti-Aging Beauty Device

February 16, 2017

The company says the Smart Profile Uplift is a breakthrough skin care device.

Clarisonic has launched a new beauty device, and says it is a breakthrough in skin care for anti-aging -- the Smart Profile Uplift. Acording to Clarisonic, the device is "an advanced skin care system delivers 2-in-1 cleansing and firming massage to uplift fifteen signs of aging on the face, neck and décolleté."

The device's unique sonic frequency delivers skin firming benefits, and is based on new research by L'Oréal's skin care division. This specific frequency, combined with the device's specially designed silicon firming massage head, produces 27,000 micro-firming massages over three minutes.

In a clinical test, 12 weeks of twice daily use of Smart Profile Uplift with a placebo cream (without anti-aging actives) showed visible improvement of 15 signs of aging, especially with wrinkles, firmness and radiance. Plus, the device will boost the absorption of skin care products.

Clarisonic cofounder Dr. Robb Akridge notes, "The power of Clarisonic cleansing with this new skin firming breakthrough gives our customers the ability to cleanse and firm all in one device. Smart Profile Uplift is our most advanced device system and will soon be an essential tool for those of us who care about clean and youthful-looking skin."

The Smart Profile Uplift is available at Clarisonic's website, and will launch at Sephora in March.

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