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Regenica Recovery Gel Launched in a Sleek Tube and Luxe Carton

March 23, 2015

The new addition to the Regenica skin care line was introduced at the American Academy of Dermatology's meeting.

Suneva Medical has launched Regenica Recovery Gel, a soothing balm that is specially formulated to help quickly heal damaged skin. The announcement was made at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) 73rd Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

The new product is infused with Multipotent Resignaling Complex (MRCx) next generation growth factor technology with well-recognized and trusted natural anti-inflammatory and calming agents—arnica, vitamin K, aloe vera, beta-glucan and SymCalmin—to help in the overall appearance of compromised skin.

"The growing popularity of aesthetic treatments calls for advanced skin care products that support a rapid and healthy healing process," said Nicholas L. Teti, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Suneva Medical. "Regenica Recovery Gel is uniquely developed for use after common injectable treatments to help patients return more quickly to daily activities and minimize signs of bruising or swelling." 

So what does the packaging look like? Regenica Recovery Gel is in a sleek squeeze tube that's white with the brand's green logo, and a silver elongated cap, which conveys 'prestige.' The box is also special - it is slanted at the top, and the elongated lid leaves a band of metallic silver exposed at the bottom.