DISC Offers Dozens of Coating Techniques

Printing and packaging company DISC, which recently announced completion of its assembly and fulfillment operations located in Hauppauge, NY, has also released its comprehensive coating guide with examples of more than two dozen of the latest coating techniques to enhance printing and packaging. A result of these offerings was DISC’s application of a unique glitter coating that matched the look and feel of Real Housewife of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice’s gold lamé dress featured on the Milania Professional Hair Care packaging. DISC also provided a full turnkey solution to Milania, a division of Belco Distributors, by producing the carton, assembling the three-item collection and packing it for shipment, all in its secure in-house fulfillment center.

More info: www.discgraphics.com

DieterBakic Launches New Tottle

The new Cosima soft squeeze tottle from DieterBakicEnterprises is touted as “ultra-soft and as bendable as a tube,” and ideal for the premium segment. Its soft-touch texture has a velvety feel, it is easy to print—and attractive. According to the company, the luxurious material also features outstanding barrier qualities and is therefore ideal for sun protection products.
More info: www.bakic.com

Qosmedix Expands Aluminum Bottle Collection

Qosmedix has added two new lotion dispensers to its selection of modern aluminum bottles. Perfect for creating a uniform look at cosmetic counters or for packaging retail product, the Aluminum Bottle Collection now offers a 6-oz. (Part # 29818) and an 8-oz. (Part # 29819) individually wrapped bottle. The assembled black polypropylene pump easily releases lotions, creams or liquid formulations into the palm of your hand. Just turn the head counterclockwise from its locked position to open it, and then push down to dose out the product. To lock the pump for travel or storage, push back down on the head and twist clockwise.
More info: www.qosmedix.com

Arcade Provides LiquaTouch Sampling For Taylor Swift’s New Fragrance

Elizabeth Arden worked with Arcade for the launch of Taylor Swift’s second fragrance, Wonderstruck Enchanted. The brand distributed samples to its Facebook fans. The fragrance testers were packaged using Arcade’s LiquaTouch sampling technology, and mailed to over 100,000 Swift fans.
“Arcade executed very effective social media sampling solutions that enabled Taylor’s fans to share their experiences via social media,” said Christina Campisi, marketing director, Elizabeth Arden.

Richard Nightingale, vice president, Arcade, said: “Elizabeth Arden understands the power of social media and the increased value that incorporating a sensory sampling program provides to excite and motivate consumers. Our partnership proved just how effective programs like this can be to learn about consumer preferences and develop re-marketing opportunities.”

More info: www.arcadeinc.com

Garrett Hewitt Supplies Unique Bottle And Pump to EastWest Bottlers

Following up on the success of EastWest Bottlers men’s fragrance, Moonshine, they have now launched a women’s perfume, Speakeasy. The packaging needed to capture the feeling of the 1920s, when prohibition saw the speakeasy come to prominence. Garrett Hewitt International supplied the faceted bottle that captures the blingy decadence of the era. The patented leak-proof bulb atomizer, also supplied by Garrett Hewitt, is reflective of the time. The leak-proof bulb atomizer allows the pump to be attached after filling, and shipped with the pump in place, versus traditional bulb atomizers that require shipping with a transit cap, which the customer removes and replaces with the bulb atomizer. Garrett Hewitt says its patented bulb atomizer is the only leak-proof bulb atomizer that provides a high quality spray performance normally available only with a traditional bulb atomizer.

More info: www.garretthewitt.com

Cosmopak Receives Patent for Flow Pen with Valve System

Cosmopak has announced that it has been granted a patent in the U.S. and in the European Union for what it calls its “revolutionary” flow through pen with valve system.

“We cannot overestimate how significant this is for Cosmopak,”  says Walter Dwyer, company president. “My partner, Bart Wolfe, and I have collaborated for over four years on this innovation and ensuring we are protected is critical. Cosmopak pioneered the flow pen category in the 1990s in the U.S., having been the first supplier of flow pens to Stila, Revlon and Avon; however we were a smaller company back then and didn’t have the capability to legal protect our territory and innovation. We have grown tremendously since that time and we now have the correct framework to ensure we can protect ourselves. This is particularly relevant given the speed at which competitors are launching products that are similar; the intellectual property protection is the key to protecting our U.S. clients who launch this innovation.”

The key difference in this pen is not visible to the consumer, says Dwyer, but has a huge effect on product performance. He says it turns a proven delivery system into an airless system, meaning it allows a wide range of formulas previously unable to be dispensed in pens to now be dispensed. “I am so excited as it means we can solve problems for clients who have volatile formulas that were looking for a home; this is particularly relevant to the eye category.”

Dwyer adds: “Our idea is to build a wide range of products around the basic IP so we expect the category to continue to be the mainstay of our business for quite a few years to come. We believe Cosmopak is the leading supplier of flow pens and now we have the potential to develop this even further.”

More info: www.cosmopak.com