Online Exclusive: An Apothecary Design for Lierac

Brandimage was inspired by the medicinal world when they created the brand's new look.

By Marie Redding, Associate Editor

Lierac Paris, a subsidiary of Ales Groupe, recently launched Lierac Prescription. The company called upon the team at Brandimage to design the packaging for the new anti-aging treatment line.

Lierac Prescription products, in amber bottles designed by Brandimage. These are part of the "Regulating" range, to address skin issues such as adult imperfections.
The products are based on Lierac's patented ingredient complex, which utilizes high-performance active ingredients to address various skin issues. But instead of creating a modern, high-tech look for the packaging, the team at Brandimage was inspired by the past.

"We found our inspiration for the new range in the pharmacology world," says Alain Dore, executive creative director, Brandimage Paris. "The majority of the packaging is amber glass, like the original apothecary bottles," explains Dore. In addition to giving the packaging the right look, the dark colored glass helps protect some of the ingredients that are used in the formulations.

The paper labels on the bottles were also designed with a specific intention in mind. "The labels organize product information clearly, in a hierarchical fashion, to convey an excellence and quality," says Dore, further explaining that part of the intent was to draw attention to the products' high quality ingredients and innovative formulations by creating a simple and "serious" look. Color-coding is used to accentuate product benefits on the labels.

Lierac Prescription includes a few plastic tubes, such as these spot treatment products that are part of the "Correcting" range. The majority of the line is in amber glass bottles.

Lierac Prescription has five different ranges:

Soothing, for sensitive skin
Calming, for redness associated with rosacea Regulating, for skin with adult imperfections Hydrating, for dry skin
Correcting, for brown spots.

Bottles with airless pump dispensers are used for most of the products. The two products in the Regulating line are creams, which are packaged in slender tubes.

Lierac has a history of combining "nature and science" to create the most effective products, and this line is no exception, according to the brand.