Curtis Packaging Launches Curtis Coatography

Curtis Packaging Corporation has announced the launch of its Curtis Coatography series of products, which it says represents a giant leap in coating precision and versatility. The new line allows Curtis to apply a proprietary UV polymer with pinpoint accuracy in varying thicknesses to a wide variety of substrates. This advancement was made possible by Curtis’ acquisition of a Scodix S Series digital coating press, the first of its kind at a North American folding carton converter.

The first product in the series, Coatography Gloss, enables Curtis to achieve “an undulating landscape of coating.” According to Curtis, it measures 99 gloss units, the highest gloss available for printed materials, and can be applied up to 250 microns in polymer height, 100 times higher than traditional UV coatings. Variable density capabilities ranging from 1- 100%, allow for both high gloss and more matte finishes in a single pass. It also offers enhancement for underlying colors through the “lens effect.” Digital technology allows for full customization on both short and long runs. Future product offerings in this series will include glitter, spot flocking and lenticular effects.

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Neopac and HCT Partner On Cosmetic Tubes

Neopac, known for its high barrier polyfoil tubes, has announced a partnership with HCT for their patented cool tips in Europe and the U.S. Neopac has also expanded its range with the Polaris product line. The tube can be embossed, hot-stamped or finished with high-quality printing all-around and completed with a variety of possible caps. Polaris is an ideal choice for primary packaging for rich creams and serums, which are produced to treat fragile skin zones. The cool touch sensation of the tip combined with the rich formulas increases efficacy on the skin, according to the partners. A variety of formulas works with the cool tips, such as serums, concealers, creams or lipglosses.

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OEKAbeauty Teams with Inotech On 2C Injection-Molded Bottle

OEKAbeauty has teamed up with Inotech to design a new two-component (2C) injection blow molded bottle. Inotech’s new patent pending technology and OEKAbeauty’s knowledge of production and development of cosmetic packaging were combined to deliver the new innovation. The 2C injection bottle provides a unique lip-shaped window through which the color of the content can be seen, while at the same time, the larger part of the content stays UV protected. No cheater band is needed. Additional decoration techniques, such as hot foil decoration, can be applied. Different window shapes in combination with different bottle designs can be produced. ABA Packaging is the exclusive representative of OEKAbeauty in North America.

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Rexam Provides Nea Dispenser To Mary Kay

Mary Kay has chosen Rexam Personal Care’s neutral Nea for its latest skin care product launch, the anti-aging Timewise Repair. The Nea is a premium dispenser with the suction to handle more viscous bulk. Rexam’s neutral Nea dispenser is the company’s technology platform for formula protection. For Mary Kay, the customized, atmospheric solution was handled by Rexam’s Thomaston facility and incorporates the Nea neutral lotion pump, with glass bottle, anodized metal collar and satin pink cap with engraved Mary Kay logo.
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Elizabeth Arden Selects Fusion Packaging For Skincare Launch

Fusion Packaging recently designed and created a lineup of packaging for Elizabeth Arden’s latest product launch, Visible Difference. The line consists of five SKUs including three 50ml bottles and one 15ml airless bottles from Fusion Packaging’s Wish Collection. Rounding out the line is a 30ml airless bottle from Fusion’s Axis line. Each of the five airless bottles are snow white in color, enhanced with a vacuum metallized pump.
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Aptar Beauty + Home Offers A High Dose of Softness

Aptar Beauty + Home has expanded its Sensea line, the ever-soft fragrance pump created to offer a 70mcl high definition spray. With a force two to four times lower than that of traditional sprays, Aptar Beauty + Home says Sensea is the first precompression pump on the market providing a constant and smooth actuation without any hard points of resistance. According to Aptar, “consumers will experience a gentle enveloping mist of fragrance that offers all over coverage with no droplets.” Now, to benefit even more from the unique softness of this pump, Aptar has developed Sensea in a 100- and 140mcl dosage. With these two new doses, this range also offers three fixation options to fit your needs: crimp, seal tight, and screw on.
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