Online Exclusive: Labels & Package Design Tell the Story

The Quince Body Butters line relies on packaging to help reveal the products' unique properties.

By Lisa Samalonis, Associate Editor

For the new line of body butters, Quince Body Butters recognized that the package has to be able to tell the product’s story, especially for in-store and promotional purposes where there is limited space for words.

Each jar features color graphics and names of the key ingredients, along with a one-word description identifying the overarching effect of each respective variety.

“We really tried to create a package that reflects on the outside what’s contained on the inside. One of the unique things about our package design is that the top label peels back to reveal a full ingredient list, as well as multi-lingual application instructions,” says sales and creative development manager Michelle Rivera. A “peel here” call-out is placed on the top of the label to grab the consumer’s attention.

Extensive Range

Quince Body Butters are nutrient-rich blends of natural ingredients that are designed to melt quickly onto skin for a smooth, luxurious feel. Seven body butters are included in the range, which is made in the U.S. Additionally, the products are preserved without parabens or ureas, and do not contain any petrolatum, mineral oil, dyes, propylene glycol or sulfates and are not tested on animals.

The final golden tone of the cap was realized with a combination of pantones that worked best to match the shade of gold the company wanted.

Each jar features color graphics and lists the names of the key ingredients, along with a one-word description identifying the overarching effect of each respective variety, says Rivera. For example, the “Relaxing” Body Butter with Lavender and Chamomile features four-color graphics of the ingredients, while the “Antioxidant” variety illustrates the blueberry, pomegranate and almond ingredients. The body butter is housed in a simple jar with a 70mm 2 oz. PP heavy wall jar with a 70mm PP golden cap. Each 59ml 2oz. jar sells for $12.99.

“We kept the package design simple because we want to focus the attention on the products’ attributes and benefits, which are communicated through the artwork and graphics on the label,” she explains. “We spent a substantial amount of time determining the best way to provide a visual representation of the various ‘goodies’ that have been incorporated into the actual formulation. The message we want to convey to our consumers through our package design is that Quince Body Butters not only feel good and smell great, but also provide an overall sense of well-being visually, physically and aromatically,” she says.

Making a Splash

The company was determined to make a splash with the product itself, as well as its visual representation, she explains. As such, the coloring for the gold cap had to be just right. “One slight issue we encountered was selecting the final golden tone of the cap, but we overcame that very quickly. We were lucky in that the company we chose to work with was very diligent and efficient in providing a combination of pantones that would work best to match the shade of gold we were looking for to enhance the appearance of our simple, yet elegant packaging,” Rivera says.
Working with such a small area on the side of the jar also posed a challenge. In order to fit all the information on the label, Quince leveraged the peel-top label to its full advantage. “This label gives us three printable areas, which made it easier to fit everything,” she explains.

Berlin Packaging provided the packaging, and the labels were made by Info Label. Alliance Design Inc. created the artwork and graphic design of the labels.