Online Exclusive: Trend Watcher Presents Spring/Summer Insights
Global art, fashion and beauty inspire future packaging trends.

On May 16, Sharon Graubard, senior vice president trend analysis, Stylesight, shared her insights

The Clarity theme is about spirit, color and light.

on “Spring/Summer 2013 Megatrends: Packaging.” Graubard outlined four overarching themes—Nutopia, Ashen, Subnation, and Clarity— for the season, and how they will directly impact color, shape, texture, material and delivery systems for global luxury packaging. Through her slide presentation and talk, Graubard transported attendees on a global trend journey through the worlds of art, fashion and beauty. By highlighting emerging artists and forward-thinking designers, she illustrated how their work will influence packaging in the near future.

For instance, the Clarity theme is about spirit, color and light, explained Graubard. Cosmetic products will adopt the codes of abstract painting and Cubism, featuring fragmented forms, deconstruction and juxtapositions. “Pastels are now sophisticated and presented in an edgy way,” she said. In one Stylesight packaging concept, a case for eye shadow features a geometric composition and an eye marker functions as a 2-in-1 with two different ends. A jar of cream has a translucent resin pyramid lid. A color block marker for nails is created on the principle of stackable packaging.

“The Nutopia theme represents where the hippie is going. It is earthy meets a mid-century modern

The Nutopia concept is earthy meets a mid-century modern aesthetic, according to Graubard.

aesthetic,” Graubard said, noting that blues, greens, olive oil yellow and muted oranges are among the color trends. Packaging for this trend includes natural cardboards and wood mixed with colored glass for a gender-neutral or masculine effect. She pointed out that the recent rise in cosmetics for men is spurring several trends. One packaging concept included a men’s nail polish line with sophisticated packaging. A linen cardboard box holds a bronze polish and a nail polish remover, while a box in the form of a leather cigarette packet includes nail polish vials with wooden caps. A hard case for nail polish containers comes in straw materials with a pompom trim.

Graubard added that product packaging will continue to push forward with creativity using a wide array of materials for a twist of the unexpected.