Online Exclusive: Package Design Supports Body Lotion’s Benefits
Casa Rex’s design for the Lux Body Lotion range in South Africa reinforces the brand's essential values of femininity, moisture and fragrance.

Before the Lux Body Lotion launched in South Africa it got a new look that tied back to the brand’s loyal

The line features tall, curvy white bottles that accentuate the femininity of the brand.

customer base. International design consultancy Casa Rex, with offices in São Paulo and London, developed the new packaging for Lux. Gustavo Piqueira, head of Casa Rex and Danilo Helvadjian, creative director spearheaded the project.

The “Fine Fragrances Body Lotion” range consists of five different variants: Scarlet Blossom, Sheer Twilight, Soft Touch, Velvet Touch, Soft Caress. The line sports tall, curvy white bottles. “Lux is a feminine brand. Its curvy bottle shape accentuates the moisture and fragrance properties of their products and reinforces the brand's essential values, as femininity, moisture and fragrance,” says Piqueira.

Brand Recognition

“The real challenge was to bring innovation and add a new aspirational perception to the established

Bold graphics include swirling fluid and sinuous forms in combination with translucent light effects and gold finishes.

range, while maintaining a balance with the Lux brand message and the products’ new positioning,” he says. In order to be easily identified by current consumers, the design had to retain key visual elements that are already part of the Lux universe, successfully integrating the new premium dimension.

“The gold colorway of the brand as well as the hierarchy of the information on pack to highlight the different fragrances ensure that the range is fully aligned and recognizable. Within this context, it was then possible to add new visual elements, and to create an innovative range with widespread consumer appeal,” says Piqueira.

In addition to preserving the main Lux brand elements, the design consultancy also introduced new graphics. “Swirling fluid and sinuous forms are combined with translucent light effects and gold finishes creating a range of packaging that accentuates the moisture and fragrance properties of the product, as well as achieving a new aspirational dimensionality for the brand at the same time,” creative director Helvadjian explains.