HCT CA Provides Full Service for New Kat Von D Palette

HCT CA provided a full service for the new Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca palette, created exclusively for Sephora. The latest edition to the popular range draws inspiration from the tattoo artist and TV star’s favorite back tattoo.

Featuring eight eyeshadows and mini eyeliner, the collection accentuates this summer’s neon trend.

HCT CA formulated the long-lasting pigments as well as the beautiful sleek metal case. The palette features an embossed hand-drawn design giving this limited edition a luxurious finish.
Nick Gardner executive vice president, HCT CA comments: “The Mi Vida Loca palette is visually eye-catching, with the high-impact graphics brought to life with the intricate metal embossing. The packaging features a push button that when pressed, allows the palette to open with ease thanks to the spring mechanism inside. We are incredibly proud of this palette and believe it is a fantastic new design to the ever-popular range.”

More info:www.hctpackaging.com

Cosmogen Highlights Neon Brushes

Neon-colored brushes made by Cosmogen come in a modern-day rainbow assortment—happy colors for happy days in makeup application solutions. Cosmogen’s new and fancy range of trendy brushes offers easy application of liquid formulas. The synthetic-hair brushes are available with wood, aluminum or synthetic handles, as well as an aluminum or brass ferrule.

More info: www.cosmogen.fr

Qosmedix Adds Tube Family with Matte Black Caps

Create your own recognizable line of makeup products for sampling or retail with the new family of Natural Tubes with Matte Black Caps from Qosmedix. Serums, creams, lotions, or foundations can be packaged in the 3ml (Part #74213) tube with screw cap or 15ml (Part # 74214) tube with flip top cap. Lipglosses, gels or serums will glide on easily when using the 8ml tube with roller ball (Part #s 74215-74217), whose innovative, pressure sensitive design delivers product in a controlled manner, one dose at a time. Mascaras, brow gels or lipgloss formulas are ideal for the 8ml natural dispensing tube that comes with a choice of a mascara wand or doe foot applicator tip affixed to the cap. The separate reducer is designed to remove excess product from the tip prior to use (Part #s 74218-74221).
More info: www.qosmedix.com/tubefamily

Covalence Introduces Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Covalence’s Five & Dime is billed as the perfect daily moisturizer for all skin types.  Not only is it paraben-free, it is enriched with organic botanicals such as cherimoya fruit and coconut juice to provide necessary nutrients to the skin. This white cream also contains anti-aging elements, including Edelweiss Stem Cells and Kollaren—a tri-peptide that reduces fine lines and wrinkles while firming the skin. The name is synthesized from the major anti-aging ingredients; Kollaren (5%—the “five”) and anona cherimolia fruit extract (10%—the “dime”). Five & Dime exudes a silky presence and bright scent.

More info: www.covalence.com