Albéa has recently designed and launched a simple and practical new closure innovation—My Little Cap, a 16mm flip-top cap.
Crowning Achievements

Caps and closures top off packages and provide a star-studded, yet functional, look of distinction.

When Justin Bieber’s second fragrance, Girlfriend, launched in department stores this summer, it had to be sensational to steal a bit of the spotlight from his award-winning and best-selling 2011 fragrance Someday. The follow-up scent, which Elizabeth Arden, Inc., recently acquired the global license for, is packaged in a swirling, hot pink and bright purple and gold two-piece cocoon surrounding the purple bottle. With a flick of the wrist the dome-shaped closure is removed to reveal the purple sprayer.

Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend employs a swirling overcap to reveal a purple pump.

Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated Fame fragrance features a chunky gold-colored cap with long talons.
Much speculation also swirled as to what the highly anticipated Lady Gaga fragrance package would look like. Although the singing tour de force’s scent doesn’t officially launch until Fall 2012, details leaked in print and on the internet early this summer. Then the singer struck back tweeting pictures and details for her first fragrance Fame, which will be released with Gaga’s own Haus Laboratories in association with Coty. A day later the brand revealed a stunning “official” shot of Fame with its chunky golden cap with extending talons and flacon filled with black juice.The liquid will change to clear when sprayed and become invisible once airborne. For the bottle, the singer collaborated with Nick Knight.

Fame will launch in two versions, one a more affordable small bottle, according to the company. Haus Laboratories’ Le Masterpiece Fame, the premiere edition features a solid metal—not plastic—cap, larger bottle, and eau de parfum. Now that is something to sing about.

From the Top

A key component of the updated Cutex look is the logo-embossed reverse-tapered closure, designed by Berlin.
According to Karine Dussimon, senior packaging analyst, Euromonitor International, quality preception and added functionality are key attributes consumers demand when it comes to closures, lotion pumps and aerosol sprays (see Dussimon’s article, “Functional Closures in Demand in Global Beauty and Personal Care,” at Brands often provide this value through packaging, she says.

For example, when Cutex redesigned its nail polish remover, the nail care company, now under new leadership, called in Berlin Packaging’s Studio One Eleven design division to update, rebrand and differentiate the package from lookalikes on the market. A key component of the new look was the logo embossed reverse-tapered closure designed by Berlin.The purpose of adding the logo was to further differentiate it from private label products, and also to help the consumer locate the Cutex Brand on the bottom shelf where nail polish remover currently resides.The closure was also engineered to orient vertically with the label panel giving it a uniform look from head to toe. The reverse-tapered closure—part of the makeover that includes a taller HDPE package and a new swan-inspired shape—replaced the standard straight-lined cap to elongate the bottle and accentuate the upscale appearance of the product. The unit cavity tooling is complete and is in the approval phase. “Tooling production is expected to be completed by September, and will be rolled out to retailers carrying the new Swan bottles immediately,” explains Heather Eikmeier, Berlin Packaging consultant.

The new package hit the shelves in the Spring in 6- and 10-oz. sizes and in five SKUs, including Cutex’s new Advanced Revival formula. (For more information see

Tiny Flip-Top Closures

Albéa has recently designed and launched a simple and practical new closure innovation—My Little Cap, a 16mm-diameter flip-top cap. “Usually on these tiny (16- and 19mm) tubes that brands provide for product trials for local treatment skin care products or foundation, there is a screw-on cap which can be lost and it is not practical at all,” explains Olivier De-Saignes, Albéa’s marketing director. “We created a flip-top cap for this tiny tube. While it has already existed on a larger diameter tube for a while, it has never been done on a 16mm tube. It is very practical and hygienic at the same time.”

In addition, My Little Cap provided a simple, mini-product look because it closely resembles the large size products. This tube and closure combination can be used for one-dose products or for products in a travel case, and has a wide array of cosmetic applications, including face cream, foundation and shower gel. “There will be a lot of different uses for the standard cap. It is practical and more elegant than the old way of doing the caps,” he says.

High Quality Decoration

With Aptar’s new decorating technology, Oh My Cap!, caps can be customized to enhance the look of beauty products.
Decorating technology is another appealing way for brands to dress up a cap and give a product a distinctive look. Aptar beauty + home recently introduced a novel way for beauty companies to differentiate their packaging from thousands of other offerings. With the new decorating technology, called Oh My Cap!, caps can be customized to add to the appearance of beauty products.

“Original brand artwork, text and graphics can be used to enhance the top of the cap with high quality finishes,” says Des McEttrick, market development director, North America Beauty, of Aptar beauty + home. Precise application is available for hot stamping, digital imaging, silkscreen, and heliography. The decorating process combines up to six colors in one pass.

“Features include shiny and matte finishes for polypropylene caps and high quality text printing,” she explains. “Metallic and non-metallic finishes are also available as well as optimal high definition images on the cap.” The technology is available for Aptar’s Unicity and Auriga airless package and will be available soon, for the Eden range.

Airtight and Convenient

Olcott’s 120mm market cap with ribbed sides is used for health and beauty applications.
Olcott Plastics manufactures a wide range of stock and custom injection-molded jars and closures for health and beauty, and personal care industries as well as food, beverage and OTC pharmaceuticals. “We are constantly developing new designs and improving our existing line,” said Hiram Santana, western region territory sales manager. “As brands promote new formulas with the latest organic and natural ingredients, special consideration must be given when developing new packaging in terms of product protection and shelf life.The less exposure a product has to air and light, the better it performs and the longer it lasts after the container is opened,” he explains.“This is especially important for creams, lotions, balms, ointments and products that contain essential oils.”Santana adds, “While some companies consider using airless containers, others prefer jars for added sales appeal, and one of the options they seek is a cap with a better locking mechanism.Most beauty products have a shelf life of three years; however, the typical shelf life for organic and natural products is one year.When the closure locking mechanism is airtight, the product will maintain its stability and integrity, so it will last longer,” he said.

As a result, spas, salons and private label brands appreciate Olcott’s 120mm Ribbed Side Market Cap and high-capacity matching jars, which are ideal for bath salts, scrubs, hair care and other beauty products that require longer term freshness.

Weatherchem’s latest closure has applications with hair care and bath products.
Weatherchem’s new MegaFlap Closure (120mm) with its scoop retention mechanism also has applications in the health and beauty industry. Consumer research testing of the product, which was first designed for nutraceutical powders, shows interest in the closure for use with hair care products, such as conditioners, as well as bath salts, explains Aimee Weber, marketing communications manager, Weatherchem Corporation. “The scooper is attached to the lid with a clip mechanism on the top, so the scoop is not lost,” she says. Weber adds that if the user has wet hands when scooping, the design is less messy. The closure is expected to go into production in 2013.

Whether it’s for a high-profile fragrance launch, a convenient new cap design, or an innovation to preserve the integrity of the contents of a natural beauty product, functional and stylish closures provide the crowning touch to the latest products in the health and beauty segment.