The Adventuress line combines a natural product with portable sunscreen pads for functional convenience and a stylish design.
Sun Care: It’s All About Convenience

Increased use of sunscreen, along with new FDA monograph guidelines, are spurring interest in a wide variety of stylish, functional and convenient componentry.

The idea for the Adventuress sun and skin care line came to Michele Carter five years ago when she was on a motorcycle trip. “I was thinking about how beaten my skin was feeling from the sun, wind and the environment,” she says, explaining that packing sun and skin care products is challenging for the active outdoorsy woman. “When you travel on a trip you are limited and you kind of have to piece together your skin care system by finding different travel jars.”

Carter, who has a marketing and advertising background, saw portable, easy and functional sun care as a necessity in the market. After doing research, she decided to develop a naturally derived product line with a biochemist partner who has been in the beauty business for more than 20 years developing technologies used in products by P&G, Unilever, L’Oréal and Estée Lauder. Last year the company did a soft launch of the line to the female motorcycle demographic, and then the product line took off. “It has become popular with female hikers, cyclists and skiers.We opened it up to incorporate those women as well. It is a basic program, you don’t need to do a 10-step regimen,” she says. “A woman’s day is complicated, so at the end of the day when she wants to go off for a run, jog or ride, she is doing it for the freedom, the exercise and the wind down. So I wanted the product to reflect that.”

The skin care products employ airless dispensers to keep the product contamination free while the sunscreen is incorporated into Adventuress “YouVee sunscreen swipes,” the pads that are used to apply the product. The pads, from Padtech and distributed by Brad-Pak Enterprises, are an innovative single use, unit dose delivery system. “The technology enables application of the product in a “hands-free” manner,” says Jenifer Brady, vice president sales and marketing at Brad-Pak Enterprises Inc.

“The fingers only touch the inside of the pad and not the product itself. We have exclusivity for that product for sunscreen,” Carter says. “As soon as the concept came across my desk I knew I wanted it for my sunscreen. It is perfectly suited for my demographic because if you are going for a motorcycle trip, you can take a few—they weigh virtually nothing—and the pads are biodegradable. You peel the label, apply it, and your fingers don’t get greasy so you don’t have to worry about the handlebars.”

The outer wall of the airless 50ml Suntegrity bottle, provided by SeaCliff Beauty, hides and contains the majority of the pump and actuator to give the impression that the component is one sleek piece.
Polished Look

Several trends are changing the face of traditional sun care packaging and giving way to a more polished image. “The look and design of sun care seems to be evolving. Instead of juvenile, animated, colorful type decos we are seeing more high-end, elegant, chic packaging designs. It seems in general consumers are finding more value in healthy skin and are more open to pay for products that reflect that value,” says Shanna Massey, sales manager, at Express Tubes.

Carole Grassi, category manager-cosmetics, Rexam Personal Care, adds: “We can expect a much more professional presentation of brands, with mass entries becoming ever more sophisticated.This will push prestige brands to evolve as well.Overall, sun care packaging is about convenience.This is why we are seeing lotions, gels, sprays, aerosols and foams.”

Foamers offer an alternative. “They provide even distribution and easy application—this even distribution is great for self-tanners, for an even color.Plus, with foam, you can ‘see’ the spots you want to reach, so you don't miss a spot,” says Grassi.

Limitless Options

As the sun care segment evolves, brands are introducing more complex formulations.These require innovative packaging solutions, such as the airless pack, sprays, foams, and dispenser tubes, among other packages. The latest solutions are designed for high-speed filling, can be attractively decorated for retail appeal, and project a high-end look with advanced functionality for consumer appeal. “Our work with Coty's Lancaster brand is an example of how the dispenser tube solution is used.For the Lancaster Sun Sport Easy on Gel in SPF 20 and Lancaster Sun Men’s Anti-Sunburn Dry Touch Gel SPF 30, we provided the soft-actuating SP343 lotion pump while the tubes were supplied from Linhardt,” she explains.

Rexam supplied the soft-actuating SP343 lotion pump for Coty’s Lancaster Sun Sport Easy on Gel in SPF 20 and Lancaster Sun Men’s Anti-Sunburn Dry Touch Gel SPF 30.
Vonda Simon, founder and president of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories, agrees that a wide variety of packaging options now are sourced for the sun care category. With more and more consumers protecting themselves from harmful UV rays year round, sun care products are not just for the summer anymore. “All SeaCliff Beauty components can be customized from the inside and out to fulfill product and aesthetic needs. Packaging options range from airless components with precise actuator tips for spot treating to misters and sprayers for hair and scalp protection,” she says.Additionally, PET bottles with pump, tubes or cooling sticks, and tubes and tottles are available for on-the-go products.

“This is an incredibly vast category now that sun care products exist to protect from head to toe and we have worked tirelessly to develop top-of-the-line packaging,” explains Simon. “Our components are technologically savvy, consumer friendly and aesthetically gorgeous.” For the Suntegrity sun care product, the outer wall of the airless 50ml bottle hides and contains the majority of the pump and actuator to give the impression that the component is one sleek and seamless piece, she says.The top of the actuator is almost flush with the top of the outer wall and gives it a luxe look.

As a leader in turnkey contract production of OTC and consumer healthcare products, Formulated Solutions has exposure to a broad array of new sun care products destined for the market.“We are producing and developing products for a wide-ranging set of package formats, everything from airless bottles to the traditional tottle and collapsible tube products to propellant aerosol products and the still

Enaltus’ bioCorneum+ SPF 30 uses the PKG Group/YonWoo designed airless bottle from Formulated Solutions.
surging in popularity ‘bag-on-valve’ or ‘continuous spray’ package format,” says Eric Dann, president and CEO of Formulated Solutions. “We are also working with several marketers on new formulations both in response to the new FDA monograph guidelines as well as to extend the shelf presence of their existing lines.”

In some cases, sun care products are combined with skin care or other products. For example, Formulated Solutions recently developed and is producing bioCorneum+ SPF 30 for Enaltus, a medical device company that specializes in scar therapy and prevention. “The product is an extension on their patented platform silicone technology for the treatment of Keloid scars. For them and the consumer who uses the PKG Group/YonWoo designed airless bottle, the product just makes sense,” Dann explains. “Using a combination of UV absorbers in tandem with their proven silicone technology designed to minimize the appearance of scars resulting from cosmetic and surgical procedures, trauma, wounds and burns, allows for proper scar healing to occur while protecting the scar from further damage caused by sun exposure.”

Closure Choices

Coppertone Sport Pro Series Sunscreen employs Aptar’s Bag on Valve with a Moritz twist-to-lock actuator.
When Hawaiian Tropic recently introduced its Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen, which uses “hydrating ribbons” for added moisture, the company chose a clear bottle that allows consumers to see the dual ribbon formula. The Large Gem Oval Snap Top closure, supplied by Aptar Beauty + Home, is color matched in the traditional Hawaiian Tropic brown color to provide a finished look to the package.Aptar also worked with Coppertone on its new Sport Pro Series Sunscreen line extension. The new Pro Series with Duraflex uses a durable technology that moves on the skin. It is designed for conditions that trigger sweating—heat, humidity and vigorous exercise—because it continues to work and won’t run. The packaging includes a shaped can for spray performance, and the product uses Aptar’s Bag on Valve with a Moritz twist-to-lock actuator. “Aptar’s bag on valve creates tremendous value for the suncare consumer, and new product extensions continue to appear on store shelves for both branded and private label products,” explains Bret Melton, product line manager, of Aptar.

“Consumers prefer the features offered by bag on valve, such as 360° continuous spray, which simply cannot be duplicated with traditional sunscreen dispensing methods. Aptar’s patented Twist to Lock actuators are also consumer favorites for sunscreen sprays because the secure locking feature allows for safe portability,” he adds.

Convenience Sells

As evidenced by the Adventuress portable sunscreen swipes, the need for convenience is a big driver in the creation of sun care product packaging solutions.Aerosols can meet the same needs. “Aerosol sprays are doing well because they offer complete, direct and easy application—no mess at the beach,

Recent thicker sun care formulations can be effectively dispensed with spray-ons, such as the Sundance Transparent Self-Tanner with Lindal’s ST835 actuator.
pool or on the tennis court, for example,” explains Philip Brand, global marketing director at the Lindal Group.

Recent thicker sun care formulations can be effectively dispensed with spray-ons. A package Lindal created for Sundance Transparent Self-Tanner, for Germany’s DM drug store chain, uses the company’s ST835 actuator.“With consumers more educated about the need for sun protection and the concurrent rise in appeal of the self-tanner market, we expect further inroads for aerosol sprays.The spray-on application is easier and less messy than older tube applications.It’s more precise, cleaner and projects a higher-end look. For our customers, the added differentiation and shelf-appeal of the spray-on platform—combined with technical capability and worldwide support, are critical factors,” he says.

Formulated Solutions’ Dann, adds: “We are still seeing the consumer being drawn to the convenience of the continuous spray systems.And as a result, this year will be a record year for us for new product launches of SPF formulations in that package format.This includes both the “no-rub” alcohol based systems as well as continuous dispensed SPF lotions in the same bag-on-valve package. I will say also that this year we are seeing a surge in presence of the physical UV barrier systems, including zinc and titanium mineral-based formulations.”

Labeling Regulations

Recent labeling regulations have affected production to a degree because the industry has been preparing for new sunscreen monograph guidelines for some time. Technically and from a formulation standpoint, there was already a lot of work done in preparation, according to Dann.

“The challenges were more related to that of timing, positioning against competitive products remaining on the shelves and inventory stock levels. It seems when it comes to adopting to changes in regulations, no one wants to be first, and certainly no one can afford to be last,” he says. “From a logistics standpoint, the effort of managing the labeling and formulation conversion is only magnified because of the seasonal aspects of the sun care category.”

Express Tubes’ Massey notes that some clients, such as Aloe Up, which already was compliant with several of the new labeling requirements prior to the FDA mandate, decided to take advantage of the timing and repackage as well as update their formulas. “Their repackaging life cycle of five years was due and they decided to take full advantage of this unique situation and update their formulas since they were reprinting their packaging anyway,” she explains, noting that the launch is scheduled for Fall. “I have several other clients who are in the same reformulation process and are taking this opportunity to update their branding and marketing.”

The outlook for the sun care segment and related skin care market is bright. “We expect to see consistent development activity in the future related to packages and the formulas,” says Aptar’s Melton.

Self-tanning product Xen Tan comes in a tube; a unique applicator for hard-to-reach spots is sold separately.

Special Applicator Sets Self Tanner Apart

For those tanners who want a truly golden glow, Absolute Gold ($73) promises a way to deliver a dark tan with the added gleam of 24K gold leaf. The self-tanning blend gives the skin a gold sheen that is designed to diminish imperfections. Absolute Gold’s application goes on as a liquid gold self-tan and emulsifies while blending for the glow. Tanning takes about five minutes and the color deepens over several hours.

The product line includes the Xen-Tan Hard to Reach ($18) applicator, which helps self-tanners reach certain spots, such as the back. This back applicator also has a “hinge” so it folds in half for storage and travel. Hard to Reach works with Xen-Tan’s lotion, mist or mousse and comes with five reusable pads in each box. Absolute Gold is packaged in a brown and gold tube from Plastube. The Hard to Reach applicator was supplied by SLG Beauty Manufacturing.