Online Exclusive: Hair Care Packaging Cubed

The quilted design and cube components communicate a modern, stylish vibe.

Salon products demand packaging with high style. On display, they dot the interior throughout the salon,

The Japanese design team drew inspiration from the simplicity and versatility of the cube.

providing visual appeal like works of art. The new Peace and Caretrico Hair Products — produced by the Arimino Company in Japan and distributed exclusively by VjPeace in the U.S. and Canada—deliver on style with a bit of whimsy thrown into the mix.

The Japanese design team drew inspiration from the simplicity and versatility of the cube—reminiscent of the Rubik’s cube. Each product is a representation of that initial idea, explains Vijai Manilal, head of the U.S. division of VjPeace Salon Products. The containers are labeled with a simple heart that reads “Peace.”

“The design concept of Peace was equal to 'Styling interior',” explains Sahomi Okuzumi, a spokesperson from the Arimino Japan headquarters. “The sophisticated cube shape and earth-toned coloring present a modern interior in salon or home, and blend into the interior. Peace would also like to design the scene of hair styling as part of our life.”

Natural by Design

Also known as the House of Arimi, Arimino is a family owned business that is as passionate about quality

Yoshino Kogyosho Co. embossed the quilted effect on the can surface for the Peace Spray.

as it is about the production of fabulous hair products, Manilal says. Employing natural ingredients in its formulas, Arimino's products are designed to have nutritive and reparative properties. Shampoos, treatments, and styling products are included in the line. For example, the Vanilla Cube styling wax with moisturizing silicone is designed to leave a light and fluffy finish for textured, shiny hair. Peace Chocolate Whip creates the firmest amount of hold in the Whip series and is ideal for curly and coarse textures that need structure.

The product line was developed to give hair a transformative boost. “People have to experience the products to feel and see the striking difference in their hair,” he says. “Unruly hair becomes manageable; limp hair gains body and volume; straight hair develops texture. All hair types achieve a polished, modern finish.”

The packaging is recyclable. “This is a must for the Arimino Company which is committed to sustainability of the environment,” Manilal says. “For instance, they give back ten percent of the price of manufacturing to Cupuassu (aka Capuau) seed farmers to reforest their land in Brazil. The Cupuassu seed oil is one of the main ingredients in the Peace styling products that nourishes the hair and repairs damaged hair.”

The highly prized Cupuassu plant is grown in the rainforests of Brazil. In addition to its beautifying benefits, the seed is known to have substantial healing properties, he explains.

Angular Design

All products are packaged to display a sleek, yet functional look. The cube-inspired theme helps

A pump delivers the foam for high style while continuing the quilted, cube theme.

communicate the brand’s image. “The package design helps by showing the clean lines of the packaging similar to the product which is clean, simple and very defined. The colors also help in identifying the strength of the product inside, from white being the lightest hold to black being the most hold,” explains Manilal.

The cube design posed some technical hurdles when it came time for manufacturing. “It was a challenge to create the groove clearly on the quilted surface,” Okuzumi explains. The company turned to Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd., who supplied the bottles. “Yoshino Kogyosho Co. was the only bottle company that we found that also could emboss the quilted effect on the can surface for the Peace Spray.”

The products are sold in professional salons and range in price from $28 to $36 (wax and spray $28; the whip at $30, and the milk $36.)