Online Exclusive: The Look and Smell of Spring
The Thymes Ltd. Mandarin Coriander line possesses a refreshing, nostalgic feel.

When Thymes Limited created its Mandarin Coriander line it took cues from the brand’s Midwestern

The design includes an eclectic mix of custom ceramic pieces and traditional packaging elements.

heritage for the look and feel of the citrusy fragrance collection, which includes soap, home fragrance mist, candles, reed diffuser, hand wash, hand lotion and household cleaner.

“We decided to look to the textures and images of our region when designing the Mandarin Coriander fragrance line. Our goal was to match the fresh, clean feeling of spring with the nostalgia of a warm afternoon in the kitchen,” explains Brad Surcey creative/design at Zeus Jones, who worked closely with the Thymes team.

The Mandarin Coriander collection is infused with nature’s essential oils, botanicals, and biodegradable ingredients. Cold-pressed mandarin, grapefruit, lemon balm and sweet orange peel blend with sweet marjoram, coriander, and rosemary leaves to provide a soothing herbal Zen. Behind these bold notes is Irish moss, Atlas cedarwood and ivy.

Fresh-Faced Design

Together Surcey and the Thymes team poured over vintage patterns, authentic packaging forms and

The orange Mandarin Coriander 3-wick Candle is with a ceramic cap with a bird perch on it.

considered the appeal of hobnail glass. “This led us down a creative path that includes an eclectic mix of custom ceramic pieces, tea towels and aprons that complement the ever evolving mix of home fragrance products,” Surcey explains.

The Mandarin Coriander label’s and secondary packaging sport a sun-kissed design of geometric shapes and patterns. A bird placed in a circular seal graces each label. For the color palette, bright yellow and orange colors reflect the scent’s vibrant, citrusy nature. White accents, including dispensers, caps and tubes, allow the colors to pop. Clear bottles are used for the cleaners and soaps. Another fun addition to the line is the orange Mandarin Coriander 3-Wick Candle that is topped with an artisanal ceramic cap with a bird perched on it. The candle container and lid are reusable, and designed to give new meaning to “fresh, clean, green.”

The collaborators also chose a unique typeface font with soft curves. “Since we were only dealing with two words, we decided to create a unicase font from scratch so that e’s, a’s and r’s would all relate nicely to one another,” he adds.

Partners in Design

Surcey has been working with Thymes over the last decade. Thymes and Zeus Jones have launched about eight fragrance collections, redesigned the brand’s website and partnered on other work such as displays.

Mandarin Coriander is sold at specialty retailers and online. Prices range from $9.50 to $48.