Wearing the Fragrance Package

A new jewelry line takes its cue from antique vessels as it brings a modern out-of-the-bottle approach to fragrance packaging.

The Japanese Agarwood bracelet has two blue Aventurine semi-precious stones, which represent good luck; the Tuscan Fig bracelet has six Howlite semi-precious stones, which represent patience in gemology; the French Clary Sage and Tunisian Neroli bracelets both feature semi-precious color-treated jade, which, in ancient Egypt, was the stone of love, inner peace, harmony and balance; the Madagascar Orchid bracelet is made with wooden beads, celebrating the origin of the fragrance—the exotic rain forests of Madagascar.

It smells wonderful, it’s fun to wear and you never have to discard the beautiful package. What could be better than an irresistible fragrance that’s contained in an exquisite jewelry collection, which serves as the “flacon?” If you add in eco-friendly, exclusive, exotic, non-breakable and travel-friendly, the “fragrance without a bottle” collection becomes even more enticing. It’s all part of the innovative packaging concept from fragrance guru Lisa Hoffman: scent-infused jewelry that holds her line of fine fragrances.

“My Fragrance Jewelry collection is meant to embody my longtime mantra, ‘Wear fragrance your way,’ ” says Hoffman, “which is about giving women the freedom to experience fine fragrance in a way that suits their lifestyle—be it in a luxurious candle, a stylish bracelet or through a silky, sumptuous hand cream. The Fragrance Jewelry allows women to control where and when they wear scent, coupled with an eye-catching piece of jewelry.”

The Fragrance Jewelry collection is comprised of a variety of bracelets and necklaces that highlight a round metal-plated charm with spherical wood beads inside. The scent-infused beads feature a proprietary delivery system that slowly releases perfume as they are exposed to air. Hoffman says, “The refillable eco-friendly wooden beads that come with the bracelet are the scent equivalent of a bottle of Lisa Hoffman fine fragrance.”

I asked Hoffman about the development of the idea, and if she thinks women need a new way to look at fragrance packaging.

Each piece of jewelry comes with a jar containing enough scented beads for six refills that together equal a full bottle of Hoffman’s fragrance.
“I think there are really exciting opportunities in fragrance packaging,” she responded. “The perfume bottle has, historically, been the package that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the fragrance itself. So many resources are spent on the creation of fragrance packaging. And with the Fragrance Jewelry collection, the beauty of the packaging—and all the effort that went into its design—doesn’t stay on your mantle. You’re able to wear it as an expression of your fine fragrance.”

Hoffman’s design was inspired by a pair of Victorian-era earrings she received as a gift from her husband. When they were crafted in the late 19th century, it was considered in poor taste for women to display their sparkling gems during the day, so jewelers made pieces with snap-off “fronts,” so women could conceal their bling on the way to dressy occasions.

The concept proved ideal for Hoffman’s modern collection, inspiring both the silhouette and the functionality of the filigreed charm. Plated with antiqued sterling silver and bronze, 14-karat gold and rose gold (depending on the scent held within), each charm is distinguished with the logo belonging to Hoffman’s fragrance line. Fragrances are available in her five signature scents: Tunisian Neroli, Japanese Agarwood, Tuscan Fig, French Clary Sage and Madagascar Orchid.

The wooden beads are made in the U.S. with Hoffman’s fragrance and very fine wood flour from organic conifer trees grown in sustainable and replenished tree farms and forests, and so will eventually biodegrade. The beads’ round structure, combined with a proprietary scenting method, maximizes scent retention and delivers maximum levels of fragrance. Once the life of the scent has been depleted—in one to two weeks—the consumer can simply open the casing and replace the beads. Each piece of jewelry comes with a jar containing enough scented beads for six refills that together equal a full bottle of Hoffman’s fragrance.

Each jewelry purchase ($65) includes refill beads, which are matched with the color/theme of the bracelet and scent. For example, green-tinted jade beads, an oxidized sterling silver-plated charm and silver beads reflect French Clary Sage’s fresh blend of clary sage, cotton and watery floral notes, while amber-hued resin beads mix with rose gold-plated brass and howlite stone beads and a rose gold-plated brass charm to evoke the rich scent of Tuscan Fig, with its fig, vanilla bean, honeysuckle and coconut wood notes.

When re-ordering, you can purchase the same scent or a different one ($20) to go in your bracelet. Thus, you can mix and match—and endlessly reuse the original package (so to speak).

The bracelets launched in December on LisaHoffmanBeauty.com, and the necklaces became available the first week of January. The official launch will be on HSN on February 22.

Wear one or pile them on—but either way, you’ll never have to leave the beautiful packaging at home.