When Function Meets Frill

Packaging suppliers are pulling out the stops and looking to other sectors to meet beauty brands' quests for innovative ways to stand out on-shelf.
By Jamie Matusow

Glass Sealing

Decorative embellishments can turn an everyday glass bottle into a sophisticated piece of art.
By Lindsay Elkins

The Rise of Airless

When it comes to dispensing trends, the popularity of airless dispensers tops the charts.
By Leah Genuario

The Luxe Pack Touch

Tactile treatments lend sense appeal to Monoco's high-end packaging show.
By Jamie Matusow

Cosmetics in the New Old World of Central and Eastern Europe

The breakup of the Soviet block resulted in the creation of new independent states turning to free markets and gaining access to better personal care.
By Greg Grishchenko

Online Exclusives

Combating Brand Pirates

Packaging companies work to devise new ways to thwart product counterfeiting and diversion.
By Joanna Cosgrove

Sustainable Through and Through

Eco-friendly brands are forging packaging partnerships that make 'green' truly beautiful.
By Joanna Cosgrove




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December 2008