Packaging Is Serious Business

MD Formulations sought a clean, tailored look to underscore the brand’s image.

MD Formulations has been building an image for serious skin care formulas since its inception 19 years ago. So, when the company set out to re­design its packaging, it was important that the new look reflect a serious image as well.

The packaging had not been updated since the line was established. All the bottles and jars are now white with matte finish aluminum caps, some of which are embossed with the company’s name/logo. A section at the top of each carton and container is a silver gray that matches the cap. Dispensing has been enhanced with airless pumps and the jars now have an inner seal for formula protection.

“We felt it was an opportunity to make the brand look more cohesive and modern,” explained Sharon Zuckerman, company vice president. “The new tailored package is much cleaner.” The new packaging was designed by Suxdorf Studios in Hamburg, Germany.

Communication is key for MD Formulations. Both the primary containers and the paperboard cartons display information in three languages—Eng­lish, French and Spanish—in clear, easily read sans serif text. “MD Formulations is distributed in 38 countries,” Zuc­kerman, said. “We wanted to add the languages when we redesigned so that repackaging isn’t necessary as the product goes to different countries.”

The information on the cartons, with each language displayed on a separate panel, describes each product, gives directions for use and lists the contents and percentages of active ingredients. On the product containers, that same information is repeated on the back of the label.

A package insert, an accordion leaflet, has also been added inside the carton, which outlines the entire line so the consumer can see what other products are available. The line now consists of 38 products in retail/consumer sizes and20 packaged in travel sizes for promotions and gifts. A line of “professional use” products in over-size containers were just rolled out in May.

For basic operational efficiencies, a UPC code has been added on the cartons to help professional spas and salons keep track of inventory.